Laundry Room Cabinets

One of the least favorite rooms in a person's home is the laundry room. They are often dark and dreary and lack necessary storage. They are associated with chores and time-consuming tasks. However, a simple addition of laundry room cabinets can help a laundry room instantly transform into a clean and organized space.

Cabinets for laundry rooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Kitchen cabinets can often be used in a laundry room. Place a top cabinet over your washing machine and dryer to store detergents, stain removers and other laundry care products.

Cabinets can also be used to close in the washing machine and dryer. If you do not like the look of your appliances, you can install cabinets to cover them. When you need to use them, you simply open the doors and they are at your disposal.

Tall cabinets can be used in your laundry room. This can provide a convenient location for you to store clothing that you have ironed. You can also make your laundry room into a mud room by providing cabinetry that you and your children can use to place your dirty shoes and to hang your jackets and backpacks.

If your laundry room is in a dark location, such as the garage or basement, consider adding cabinetry that makes it brighter. Use white cabinets to freshen up the look. Cabinets with colorful panels can also help brighten the room.

Your laundry room cabinets can also coordinate with existing cabinetry in your home. Add rich wooden cabinetry that mirrors the look of your kitchens or bathroom vanities. This will make the room look like it is part of the design of the rest of your home.

Cabinets can be added to your laundry room to help improve the function of the space. Place a cabinet in the laundry room that comes with a pull-out hamper. A vanity cabinet can provide space for a needed sink in your laundry room. A series of cabinets can be placed together for valuable storage and a countertop can be mounted on top of the cabinets. This countertop can provide a convenient folding station.

You can also install a floor to ceiling laundry room cabinets. This will help you maximize the limited space of your laundry room. Tuck your washing machine and your dryer into one set of cabinets. Use the other cabinets to store your laundry essentials. If your laundry room is adjacent to a living area, you can use the other cabinets as a linen closet. Store towels, extra bedding and other miscellaneous items in the cabinets.

For an ultra-organized look, add cabinetry with clear inserts. This type of cabinetry will motivate you to keep everything organized and in pretty containers, such as wicker baskets. Clear or frosted glass cabinets can help make an elegant addition to your laundry room.

Laundry room cabinets do not have to be large and bulky. Adding laundry room cabinets can improve the look and function of your laundry room.


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