Laundry Room Organizers

Laundry rooms are quite essentially the most important place for a house wife when it comes to arranging the house and putting things in order. Having dirty laundry in order as well as keeping them sleek and pressed after each wash is an important part for looking good and well organized.

Laundry rooms are often neglected, which lead to wastage of time and even loosing precious garments and accessories. Laundry room organizers come to the rescue when it comes to bringing balance and beauty into this room. There are a number of products in the market for Organizing Laundry room. Hence one has to be particular whilst arranging the room, specially keeping the space in mind. Following are some tips on keeping the laundry room organized.

Ironing solutions
Keeping the ironing range within the laundry room increases efficiency of arranging cloths in the laundry room. Ironing board holder is one way of keeping board in the room while saving space at the same time. These boards can be attached to the back of the door, side of a wall cabinet or mounted on the wall itself. For moveable iron boards, having small steel racks attached to the rear increases good organization.

Another ironing solution is to have fixed or moveable storage shelves in the range. It can be used as a flat surface for folding and ironing cloths.

Cabinet it All
In order to create extra space, the addition of laundry room shelving is a unique solution. There a number of contemporary styles that can fit easily as laundry room organizers. Shelf should have a function and blend well with the layout of the laundry room. Moveable shelves on wheels are of good use as one can rearrange the space when needed. One can always go with mounted shelf units, with cabinets in it. Detergents, soaps and brushes etc can be placed inside these cabinets and de-clutter the room.

Baskets and Hampers
Baskets create additional storage space to keep things sorted and contained. They can used for keeping and sorting different divisions of cloths, that is delicates and white cloths can be separated from rest of the clothing so as to keep them neat and intact in its original form.

Placing hampers in the individual washroom and bedrooms of each member of the house can also serve as a laundry room organizer, as dirty laundry can be brought into the laundry collectively or by single teenagers to be washed.

Can’t Nail It? Then Hook It!

For creating more space in the laundry room, nails can be hooked to the back of the door and side of a wall cabinet. Keeping hangers in the laundry room at all times is also a must, as delicate cloths can be hung on them to dry. Another way to air dry cloths is by attaching steel rods between two close walls or moveable rods attached between walls. Cloths can be hung to them by plastic hooks to get air dried.

These laundry room organizing solutions once applied can lead onto having a well-designed laundry space, hence saving a lot of space and much needed time.


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